Will I have to construct things? Do the organizers provide any materials or structures?

We will provide exteriors (i.e structural elements) for the factions police, government and the corporation. Interiors will be player constructed.

All other structures, such as shops, faction housing and whatever creative things you can conjure as well as the refugee camp will be player constructed.
The idea is for the player to create the city him- or herself.

Building materials can be sourced through us, as we aim to do a combined order of building materials for all players. We aim to do this very affordably.
A price list for building materials will be available shortly
(posted 14-02-2020)

What type of Playstyle are you aiming for?

Long story short: Nordic LARP with a focus on day-to-day survival. I.e. no one will have high-powered, play-to-win, protagonist kind of characters. Is up to you what your character’s life will be about instead: Is it trading? Scavenging? Stealing? Upholding the law? Just trying to survive? There are many options for a creative player.

It also means that the days where the LARP takes place are not necessarily particularly noteworthy in terms of dramatic events precipitated by an on-going story i.e do not expect sudden mutant NPC attacks, a nuclear Holocaust or anything of the sort. We aim to keep things interesting through slightly less intrusive events.

Don’t play to win, play to create a great story!

That’s all well and good – but what will I actually do?

At a basic level: survive. You need food, UNIT upgrades or maintenance, a place to live and to successfully navigate between the different factions. To do this, you probably need some kind of profession and to associate yourself with one of the different factions listed on this website. You determine your profession yourself – if you get stuck, we can help you with ideas. The more you approach your character and its life as you would that of a real person, the more consistent and well-rounded your experience will be!

What do I get for my money/ what do the organizers provide?

  • We will provide a setting, infrastructure, rules, arbitration.
  • We will coordinate signup and provide transportation for any international participants that sign up for this additional service. More information on the pickup service will be made later, but we will keep at an affordable level (unlike the Danish public transportation or taxis)
  • We will organize NPCs
  • We will provide a central item for the game: the UNIT module, which will be both a plot device, and a practical tool for money transactions, messaging and other interesting things.

What happens to the UNIT after the Event?

The UNIT will only work during the event and is a quite expensive piece of equipment. Thus, the UNIT device will remain the property of the 220v team, hopefully to be part of the next scenario.

In any case – it will not work outside the event and we will keep track of all devices. Please do not keep it as a souvenir. If you want a piece of tech with you – a non-functioning device can be bought for a cheap price after the event.

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