What is the age limit?

18 Years old, due to alcohol, violence and other mature content

How does it work to get food?

The idea is that some of your fellow players create a bar or a dining place. You can then buy your food from them, with in-game money and a little bit of off-game money as well. Depending on the other players you might be able to go to a fancy restaurant or a small hole-in-the-wall noodle shop.

You can bring your own food but consider the playing element of buying your food in-game.

Ingredients can also be bought in game at certain shops, for making your own in-game meals, depending on the shop owner’s selection.


Sure thing. If someone have opened a bar you can get a drink or 3. Just don’t be super-drunk, mmkay??

Where do I sleep?

There will be locations for houses, consisting of an in-game front (looking like an apartment block) placed in the in-game area, but with an off game living space behind the façade. Each house “owner” will be responsible for any equipment you need in the house. You can also sleep in the refugee camp, which will be fully in-game. Likewise, if you sleep in a shop (either yours or a friend) the sleeping will be in-game.

Are there buildings available to the player, or do you have to build them yourself?

This scenario is a (build it yourself) scenario.  Therefore, you must build your own business if you wish to be part of one. The idea is for the player to create the city himself or herself. We will offer to do a combined order of building materials for all the players, so you can order building materials through us.
If your main work is one of the following: The police, the government or the corporation, we will provide the work building, but you will have to provide the interior.

If you live in the refugee camp you will build your own sleeping area in an appropriate refugee-way. Be creative here!

How does it work when fighting? if one fights? Is it Nerf Guns or something else?

Fighting can be divided into 3 parts: with ranged weapons (Nerf guns), Melee weapons (Latex weapons) and unarmed combat.

However, the idea is not that the air should be thick with foam. After all, it is not a Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic scenario, although the society has been disintegrating. So shooting people on the open street is going to have consequences.

Expect consequences to include, but not be limited to: Fines, Physical punishment (in-game) and Prison time (in-game prison time)

For more details – look at the rules page.

What happens if I am injured. Can I die? What happens If I die?

Injury will be played realistically, when it comes to ordinary human parts. However, medical science is of course more advanced than what we have today, so with proper treatment most injuries will be survivable. Treatment will, of course, cost money, and require a doctor to be available!.

If injuries leave permanent damage, there is the possibility of getting replacements, which also cost money!

And if the worst should happen and you die, getting your consciousness transferred to a different body is also possible, but it is prone to errors and mishaps, especially with all the Cyberware issues around. And who knows, the person that killed you might prevent you from obtaining a new body – then you will be dead for real!

In short, being maimed and killed is still possible!


What type of Playstyle are you aiming for?

Long story short: Nordic LARP. I.e. no one will have high-powered, play-to-win, protagonist kind of characters. On the other hand, it also means it is up to you what your character’s life will be about: trading? Scavenging? Stealing? Upholding the law? Just trying to survive.

It also means that the days where the LARP takes place are not necessarily exceptional, do not expect sudden mutant NPC attack, nuclear Holocaust or anything like that, though we will keep things interesting.

Don’t play to win, play to create a great story!

What can I expect to be doing?

At the most essential level: survive. You need food, UNIT upgrades, a place to live. On top of that, and to make it possible, you need some kind of profession. It can be anything from beggar to crime lord or politician (or why not both??? 😊). Furthermore, you might want to feel that you belong: to a faction, social layer, the world in general. In essence, the more you approach your character and its life as You would that of a real person, the more consistent and well-rounded Your experience will be!

What you not expect to be doing is to ignore the plot and the world around you.

What do I get for my money/ what do the organizers provide?

  • We will provide a setting, infrastructure, rules, arbitration.
  • We will coordinate signup and provide transportation for any international participants that sign up for this additional service. More information on the pickup service will be made later, but we will keep at an affordable level (unlike the Danish public transportation or taxis)
  • We will organize NPCs, though do not expect any hordes attacking the players!
  • We will furthermore provide a very central item for the game: the UNIT module, which will be both a plot device, and a practical tool for money transactions, messaging etc.

What happens to the UNIT after the Event?

The UNIT will only work during the event and is a quite expensive piece of equipment. Thus, the UNIT device will remain the property of the 220v team, hopefully  to be part of the next scenario.

In any case – it will not work outside the event and we will keep track of all devices. Please do not keep it as a souvenir. If you want a piece of tech with you – a non-functioning device can be bought for a cheap price after the event.

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