Don’t be a dick.
While that is simple to write it might be quite hard to live up to the promise.

For those of you who have been LARPing before this text is nothing new. In fact a large part of this text comes from the Sunfall page (with permission of course!).

Great participation

The great participation is our goal to create a standard way of thinking social safety at events. 

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is that we endorse a fun game environment, even in a cyberpunked dystopian future world.

Calling someone fat when they actually are overweight or calling someone a racist slur that is attributed to their off ethnicity is not allowed. That also includes stuff like “You can’t be a leader cause you are a woman” or slutshaming people cause they are women. So gender is also an off attribute that is off-limits. This is our philosophy. “We endeavor to be as open, diverse and welcoming as possible. Our only real rule is “don’t be a dick”. Think kindly of people and treat them with respect. If someone is a douche to you, creeps on you or otherwise makes you feel uncomfortable unsafe or unwelcome, come talk to us and we’ll sort it out. 

On That Note

In an attempt to bridge gaps and ensure as good a player environment as we can muster, we have some guidelines in place. You may not agree with all of them, that’s tough cookies. We will not sway from the following: 

– No one participating in Nero Light should ever be subject to any kind of scene or situation that deals with sexual violence or coercion, or threats thereof. You can put themes of this nature in your character background if you must but, essentially, keep it to yourself during the game.

– No real world racism allowed. What does that mean? It means that we don’t want to hear any racially charged slurs or pejoratives. We don’t want to see any characters with backgrounds or themes of modern day racially or culturally motivated hatred or exploitation. 

– No real world sexism or homophobia. Women and men are to be considered equally capable of being badass cyberpunkers, political leaders and mewling cowards. Everyone is allowed to cry or sing according to their need and means. Some men are attracted to men, some women are into women. Others dig on both, neither or some esoteric combination of circumstances known only to them. Some people don’t adhere to a gender binary. All of this is fine and should not be subject to needless mockery or insults. Each and any report/observation of unwanted behavior will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The obvious exception Naturally it is more than fair game to pick on any in-game group of people. Everyone is more than welcome to display mindless distaste for baselines, mutants, medics, people with hats or those that have more or less chids than you. Those people are assholes.”
Furthermore we wish to leave the area cleaner than when we arrived. That means that we take care of our surroundings and the nature. Therefore it’s important that you do not throw trash or anything not biodegradable on the location, and always pick up after yourself and each other. And if you are in doubt if about another persons boundaries, then ask for them off-game.

To be followed at all times.

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