These are the in-game rules. For safety and behavioral rules see General Information – Ethical Policy. Nero Light will not be a rules heavy LARP. Most things will be covered by the “if it is cool, you can do it” rule. The rules that are explicit will cover 3 aspects. Combat and Injury, the UNIT and Cyberware.


The combat rules of Nero Light are simple. All combat in Nero light will take place with either nerf guns, latex weapons or unarmed. The most important combat rule is to use common sense and play nice.

Be aware that combat is not a constant, every day occurrence, and shooting people on the open street is going to have consequences, among which may be: Fines, Physical punishment (in-game) and Prison time (in-game prison time) as per the discretion of the police department or the given faction you have attacked.

Unarmed combat: Unarmed combat will be simulated combat where you and your opponent will stun fight a little and wrestle each other around. Most badass person wins. If they can’t decide (or are equally badass) it’s a draw. If more than two people participate in the fight, the side with more people wins.  As soon as a weapon is used it is no longer unarmed combat.

Armed combat: Armed combat will follow common sense rules. If you are hit with a nerf dart, or stabbed with a sharp latex weapon such as a knife, you are wounded. If wounded, you should be treated by a doctor and play according to your wound. If you are shot or stabbed repeatedly, you will go down and be out cold until treated. Again, use common sense. If you are hit with a blunt object such as a club, you will be hurt and go down if hit repeatedly. You will hurt for a while but will not need treatment.

What happens if I am injured? Can I die? What happens if I die?

In-game, injuries are expected to be acted upon by the player – i.e an injury to the foot would leave you with a limp, and an injury to the hand will leave you lame or severely limited in your fine motor skills. We expect players to self-govern their injuries and have the ability and maturity to creatively act out the consequence of a given injury.
As this setting is futuristic, you can get probably (dependent on the availability of an in-game doctor) get rapid treatment for most injuries. At a price.

An injury may be relatively permanent, and treatment will consist of an in-game cosmetic addition to your actual limb/body part indicating a total replacement. These will be very costly.

You may die. You will not die from a random stab wound or a gunshot, unless you wish too. If, however, you have gone down after taking several hits, other players do have the option of executing you if they so wish. If you want to execute someone, make it very clear that you are doing so to other players by both verbally and physically communicating the act; for instance by going to the victim and shooting them once more in the head or cutting them in the throat while they are down, whilst saying something along the lines “Well, he won’t bother us anymore”. Please don’t execute anyone, unless you believe you have a very good reason.

Dying has the consequence of either being total, and requiring you to make a new character, getting your consciousness transferred to a different body through a futuristic implant. The latter process is prone to errors and mishaps, especially with all the Cyberware issues around. Game mechanically, we will require you to change some aspects of your personality, memory, or even skills.


As you may have read elsewhere, every character will have their UNIT placed on their arm. This device is your ID, your wallet and your link to the world. in-game this is a very complicated device and it cannot be removed. Sometimes the tech in the UNIT might mess up a little bit and you will need to have it repaired. A repair system will be in place in game and certain players will be able to repair the UNITs and might even improve or tamper with them.

Other Cyberware

If you want other Cyberware that you have made to have an in-game effect write us and tell us what you have in mind and we will work something out


Rules for hacking will be forthcoming


Rules for medic will be forthcoming.

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