In our futuristic scenario all citizens have been augmented in some way. Somebody more than others and with varying success. Common for all is the UNIT:


Everybody has Cyberware implants. As a very minimum almost all citizens will have a neural implant that is connected with a personal item – UNIT – functioning a bit like a modern day smartphone operated into your arm.

This device will contain your personal data, your bank details and other applications. Without it you are a nobody. This device is your ID, your wallet and your link to the world. If it malfunctions or the software have glitches you are in trouble, and of course with the state of the city this might be likely to happen.

UNIT – Unified Network Infrastructure Technology

The Cyberware

Cyberware is an integral part of this larp. You can feel free to design and incorporate any kind of implants into your costume and body as you see fit. Apart from this every player will be equipped with one essential piece of cyberware that will be essential to the everyday life. The xxx in short UNIT. This device will be your identity card, your wallet and your communication device. It is much like a modern-day smartphone except that it is (in game) built into your arm and you will pretty much have to rely on it in order to among other things pay for stuff and identify yourself.

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