In our futuristic scenario all citizens have been augmented in some way. Some more than others (and with varying degrees of success). Everyone posesses a UNIT, including you.


UNIT – Unified Network Infrastructure Technology

The UNIT is a nifty bit of technology connected to a neural implant, allowing a citizen to effortlessly access information at the speed of thought. (We promise that the in-game UNIT will not require any extensive neurosurgery). It functions a bit like a modern day smartphone, it’s just grafted into your arm.

This device contains your personal data, your bank details and other applications. Without it you are a nobody. It is your link to the rest of the world. If it malfunctions, or the software otherwise glitches, you might be in severe trouble and find yourself unable to buy food, communicate digitally or prove your identity, among other issues. With the state the city is in, issues like this have been cropping up more and more.

Cyberware in general

Cyberware is an integral part of this LARP. You can feel free to design and incorporate any kind of implants into your costume and body as you see fit, and if you can come up with a good in-game reason for it, it might even have an effect on how you play the scenario. Feel free to write to us with any ideas you might have.

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