The story of Nero City

Nero City. Asia’s largest and one of the world’s top 5 most leading technological cities in the world. Nero City is also known as the `City of Light´. As they were the first city in the world to lift the ban on research into artificial intelligent and cybernetic human bodies. They were the first in the world to make a fully functional cybernetic brain. 6 years later, the first cybernetic brain surgery was done on a human being, and then the world’s first bionic human being was born. Later research was put into developing artificial intelligence that could be used for war. 2 years later the first android was being developed and used for war. All this made Nero city rich beyond means.

But no more, not after the great disaster.

Now the city is just a shell of itself.

This is what happened:

On February 22nd. At 10:34, Nero city police (NCPD?) received a call for a minor accident on E.CAT (Enhanced cybernetics research and technology) but was told that everything was under control.

30 min later a huge explosion occurred.

The explosion killed more than 300,000 people and destroyed over 30% of the city.

Something had happened. What could have made the place explode. The official report concludes that the reason why the site exploded was an error in the software that control the MAG Tron fusion reactor.

But a lot of people think it sounds strange that such an advanced system could easily fault.

An interview with an earlier employee from E.CAT says that it should not at all be possible for a software error to get a MAG Tron fusion reactor to explode, because the entire system at E.CAT is monitored by a tech 3 AI system. He concludes that something must have infected that system and got the reactor to overload. But it was rejected by the government.

And not long after cleanup had begun, something strange happened. Some people have reported that they have seen people in hazmat suits go in and out of the place, and not long after, a 12-meter wall was built around the quarantine area.

Something had begun to infect the city and its most precious goods – it’s cyberware. A danger that threatened all cybernetically enhanced humans.

The city was placed under quarantine and contact with the rest of the world was limited. The cybernetic enhancements still worked but in a much more decentralized way. Now it was every implant for itself. How would the world’s leading international city fare with the doors to the outside world closed and everyone trying to fend for themselves?

Six months Later:

The city is slowly finding itself on its feet again. There is still a police force, a resemblance of an economy and democratic structures. But with the breakdown of cybernetics came the breakdown of order.

The people left homeless and desperate by the explosion – called the refugees – were placed in a large camp in district C. This continues to cause a bit of friction between the original inhabitants of district C and the newly arrived. Together with the quarantine and the now unreliable Cyberware this has left District C as an almost lawless zone where the Mafia, street gangs, the police and big corporations are all struggling for control.

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