What will you do plots and activities:

The plot of the larp will revolve around the UNIT. The technological device that every player will carry on th arm as a part of integral cyberware. Players will be dependent on this technology as sort of a mirror to our real world dependency on technology. As written elsewhere this is their wallet, their ID, their communication device and much more. Chances are that the UNIT will not always work as expected. There will be flaws and bugs and maybe some ingenious might even have the idea to install their own flaws and bugs on other peoples UNIT´s or alter functions altogether. There will be a hacking system in place for altering and repairing your own and other peoples UNITS. The factions will play a large part of this since each faction will be able to manufacture “hacking tokens” that can be used for messing with UNITs. Of course you will need tokens from more factions than your own in order to do really juicy stuff. The exact detail of how this will work we deliberately keep a little in the dark for now but you are free to write us and ask. Apart from this plot that will partly be generated by us the players and the factions are of course more than welcome to bring their on personal plots, based on their own character or relations that you and your friend might have to other players.

What will you do:

You will manage your own role as a person in the city. You can run your bar, be a police officer or maybe be a secret police agent working in a bar. Everyone will have to deal with the technological breakdown and problems that will happen with the UNIT but apart from the that only the imagination and our framework will be the limit.

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